Adding a second domain to an existing hosting plan Please see How to add an addon domain for instructions. How to change your cPanel password There are 2 reasons for a cPanel password change: Your account has been compromised You have... How to change your email password in cPanel Customers can change their email passwords from within their cPanel account.Follow the steps... How to check my disk space usage in cPanel To view the disk space usage totals for your account directories and databases: Login to... How to complete a URL redirect in cPanel The Redirects tool in cPanel will allow you to redirect your websites visitors from a source URL... How to complete a redirect using the .htaccess file You can add some code to your .htaccess file to redirect a url to another url. The .htaccess file... How to install WordPress Follow the steps below to install WordPress in your cPanel: Login to cPanel Scroll down to... How to log into your cPanel account There are two ways in which Customers can login to their cPanel account: Through the Client... How to redirect non-www to www There are two ways to complete a redirection: Using your .htaccess file Using the cPanel... How to redirect one domain name to another domain name/website If you own other domain names and would like them redirected to one of your other domains/website... How to redirect www to non-www There are two ways to complete a redirection: Using your .htaccess file Using the cPanel... How to upload a file to your website in cPanel Often you will be required to upload files to your websites root folder, the public_html folder... Increase maximum upload file size in php.ini When attempting to upload an extension or plugin in cPanel you may get an error message "Maximum... Viewing website visitor statistics Website owners will from time to time want to know how their website is doing as far as visitor... What is mod-security? Mod_security is an apache module that helps to protect your website from various attacks. It is... cPanel video tutorials To view cPanel video tutorials click: cPanel Video Tutorials
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